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Music is the best ambassador for nations and cultures. The concert tours of Kunst & Kultur – ohne Grenzen make encounters beyond borders and continents possible. Enter impressive churches, great concert halls and some of the most famous concert venues in the world!


We compile concert tours that are tailor-made for your choir or orchestra, and that take you through all parts of Austria and its neighbouring countries. We take care of the entire travel organisation – from bus transportation, hotels and sightseeing to the promotion of each of your concerts.


Imagine your choir performing in Vienna or Salzburg, Nuremberg, Leipzig or Berlin, Budapest, Bratislava or Prague! With our years of expertise we provide a smooth operation from promotion to the platform for the chorus – and which enables you to have the unique experience that you deserve.


It is a great undertaking to send an orchestra on a journey. Our team makes sure that not only the artists but the entire concert logistics – from instruments and music stands to the conductor’s platform – are on site at the right time.

Master Classes

You want to learn from the artistic director of the Vienna Boys’ Choir or a member of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra? We make it possible! You will work on your vocal and expressive techniques; you will position your violin bow in a more differentiated way or your approach for the oboe will be changed fundamentally.